Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grocery Shopping

I need to go grocery shopping. I've needed to all week and its absolutly the last freakin thing I want to do. Here's why: I'm afraid of Lydia. Ok, not so much of Lydia herself but how she will act and what that will provoke out of me. I can sit back and watch a tantrum calmly for hours while inwardly freaking out and planning ways to get my child back when they're teenagers. But, if I have a shopping list and 4-6 little kids to help me with it, I can be tempted to yell. Or just leave a kid in the store. I'd come back, of course...I would, really. Anyway, back to the yelling...when Marek was 5 he told Nate's sisters that I'm the mean mommy elephant (that was a rough week). I've learned a lot about self-control since then, but I think Mean Mommy Elephant is still hiding in there waiting for shopping trips with kids strapped to her back and others screaming at me and throwing themselves down in the middle of an asile. And even I'm a little afraid.

So, grocery shopping is still on the table, but Playhouse Disney cuddled up in mommy's bed sounds way better. Too bad I'm starving.

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  1. You are way braver than I am. I think I win some sort of wimpy mom contest. My husband does the shopping. He even takes all of the kids with him when I'm at work. I think I'd leave them all there. (I mean, why do things part way?)