Thursday, October 20, 2011


I locked myself out of the house this morning while taking the trash out and I'm pretty sure that Raina would have left me out there if she was the only one home. The reason I know this is Rowan was all the way in the living room and Raina was sitting right there by the door. Ro was the one who eventually opened it.

Oh, Raina. What a loving soul.

Yesterday was her day to take snack to school. She forgot it on the kitchen table and I knew she would be totally crushed if I didn't bring it to her. So I dressed myself and most of the kids, usually one escapes me, and rushed all the way to the other side of town to drop it off in time for snack. When I picked her up, the only thing she had to say about the snack was, "can I eat the leftovers?" (I think I forgot to mention that a very large portion of her day, everyday is spent either asking for or eating food). So, I asked her if she'd forgotten something important that morning and if it had made it to school anyway. She couldn't think of a single thing. I should have just left it, but I'm an idiot and just couldn't. I really wanted my 5 year old child to recognize my hard work and unconditional love. Finally, I just told her that her siblings and I brought the damn snack all the way to school for her (I didn't say damn, but at this point I really wanted to). Her smart-ass relpy? "Well, Mommy you should have reminded me to take it in the first place." And so I left her on the side of the road...

And now I'm going to go give my kids candy corn so they stop screaming at each other. Thanks again, Meg (and this time I mean it).

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  1. Ok so it was a selfish move to get that yummy crap out of my house, but in the end it was a selfless gesture b/c I somehow knew it would help another in need....