Saturday, November 12, 2011


In honor of Marek's 8th birthday, I'll tell a short story about him. Out of the thousands that I could tell, I'll tell my favorite one because I think it shows his true self:

A few years ago when we still lived in Saginaw I was shopping with the kids. I think at the time I had Marek, Raina and Rowan. We were in a store that children should be banned from because of all the oh so tempting to touch and oh so breakable stuff. They did alright though and at the end I let them all choose something small that I would buy for them. Marek had been watching me the whole time, looking at the things that I was looking at. So, when I told him he could choose something, he started looking through some rings I'd been looking at. Why the hell a little boy wants a ring, I could not figure out, but I didn't say anything. At one point he asked me which I liked best, the turtle or another one. He loved turtles at the time, so I picked the turtle. I knew there was no way he'd not pick the turtle. But, I was curious...

(A little fun fact about Marek: when he asks me to choose which one I like best, I do, and then he picks the opposite one. EVERY time.)

He picked the turtle. We bought our stuff and left the store. As we walked out, I handed the kids their loot telling them good job on the good behavior. Marek took his for one second and then handed it right back saying, "I picked this for you Mommy." Aww, what a sweet boy who I love so much.

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