Thursday, November 24, 2011


I think that in general, I'm a fan of this holiday. We get to eat all day, sleep for awhile while the kids run wild, then eat some more. So, hooray for Thanksgiving.

Just a word, though. Last year to the day was the last time I saw Sam. He was excited to be moving into his new apartment with Kat and I remember being really happy for him. He'd been working hard to save $ to get a place and I was impressed, even though he did complain about always working and never sleeping everytime I saw him. I think it was a bit of a brag though, to be honest. He was tough and not afraid to remind me when I saw him.

And that is what I remember about him. He was tough, but he was a softy just as well. He'd talk about missions in Iraq like they were a day at the office and laugh, then have to give everyone a bear hug before he left. And he had every one of our backs. All the time.

So, today I'm gonna go eat turkey and have a nice time. I don't think I need to say anymore about Sam. Love you, Sam.

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