Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rowan's love for me/Advent

I'm ashamed to admit that we've never done a Jesse Tree with our kids for Advent. I think they would really like it and love all the Bible stories that goes with it. We've also never had an Advent wreath. Until now, actually. Raina made a cardboard one in school and even though we can't light the candles, its sitting in the middle of the table. Hopefully no one desides to light one, that could be interesting.

Anyway, I decided this year to start reading the Bible stories and saying the prayers at dinner. Just now, actually so I'll have to give Nate the heads up when he gets home. So, tonight I said the prayers. Then I called my mom to see if she had her list of Bible passages handy. Well, why wouldn't she? It is Advent after all. She didn't answer...sooooo, we talked about the song "Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel". The kids said they're learning it in school so I tried to get them to sing it with me. I got a very emphatic NO. Well, I'm not one to give up easily, so I started siging it to them by myself. My voice is decent, not great I guess but I can hold a tune. I almost got through the first verse when Rowan interupted me. "Mommy," he says "can you please stop singing that song, its annoying."
I admit I laughed out loud while my kids looked on with worried faces. (Remember Mean Mommy Elephant?) I'm not giving up, either. Those kids are gonna be singing with me by the end of Advent, damn it. And Rowan's getting a solo.


  1. LOL oh funny. I love your line, "I'll have to give Nate the heads up when he gets home." That sounds like me! Matt gets my blog in his email, so when I want to make announcements, I often do it on my blog. Ooo. I should do that next time I'm pregnant. He would totally flip out!

    We need a bit of a renewal in our house, too. I seem to fail miserably at organized prayer. :P Have a wonderful advent!

  2. Maybe it's not you, Linda. When we sing "O Come,O Come Emmanuel" Darcy says "Stop singing. That song annoys me!" But you should still give him a solo!