Monday, January 9, 2012

For God's Sake

I find myself saying these three words often. 
"Just give it back to him, for God's sake, so he quits screaming!"
"Stop acting like a crazy person. For God's sake!"
"For God's sake, don't throw things at the priest!"
I always feel a little bit like I just said a bad word after I say this. Does God really need my two year old to stop acting crazy? And if Fr. Ed is laughing, then I should just relax, right? But, I get a little frustrated from time to time. And all I can do is wonder, is God up there laughing at me or taking notes for when I end up dead? Is he gonna pull out his list and say, "Well, when Perrin threw poop at you, did you really think that I was offened? I mean, he didn't throw poop at me. So why did you yell 'For God's sake!'?" I think that's much more likely.
So, this morning when the first words that I heard out of Lydia were "Bo-ttle!" from her bed at the top of her lungs like a little princess, and then Perrin waving his bottle at me for juice while yelling at me - and when I ask him what he needs to say he says "juuice" proudly like he just said "please" (although I'm starting to wonder if "juice" and "please" are the same words in his world), and then Fela crying from her bed all with diapers spilling over with pee...I just yelled "For God's Sake!" at them and got another cup of coffee. Maybe God'll get a laugh out of us and therefore take it easy on me for the rest of the damn day. Either that or I'm screwed. But I felt better after yelling, so I think either way I win.

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  1. I love reading this!! Then I remember that I'm not alone and I'm not the only one with kids who do crazy things at church/home/everywhere else. (Doesn't it seem like all the other kids are sitting quietly while yours are bouncing off the pews?) Thanks for the laugh as I try to survive today. :)