Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Age, sanity.

I was just talking with someone recently not only about weight and how it re-distributes after 4+ kids, but sanity as well. Both can be associated with age. My goal is to survive the next 10-20 years not with sanity, because well, its just too late to even pretend that's an option in my life. And not with any sort of figure to speak of because I eat ice cream for every meal. What I want to hold onto is enough love and respect from my kids so that they take care of me when my body gives out. Ok, I admit that's pushing it. Guilt will work too.

Here is my game plan: bribery is first and foremost. Nothing says I expect you to change my diaper when I'm old like toys, candy and video games on demand. That and the blind eye. I'm partial to that one because in some ways it benefits me, too. "Oh, you spent 20 minutes reading a boring book to your siblings that no one wanted to listen to even though the room is completely trashed and I just heard laughing, squealing, and loud banging for 20 minutes? Well, no one bothered me and there aren't injuries that I know of so great, go ahead and play downstairs." Of course, I will not ever be the one to clean up the mess. They can do that later.

Now, I'm not saying my kids have free reign. In fact, they're my slaves and its no secret. They do all kinds of chores on Saturday and during the week. I call these "life skills" and remind them continually of the huge favor I'm doing them in teaching these to them now.

As far as weight goes, I'm definatly not fat and likely won't ever be. I do however have areas of my body that would scare a demon on a good day. I thank my 6 kids for this. To compensate for these areas I buy too many clothes that I wear for a week or two before realizing it's still hopeless. This is totally ok with me. I figure Nate's stuck with me anyway and I'm just too damn lazy to do anything about it...and that is a beautiful thing.

Bring on the ice cream.

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