Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Don't poke me in the eye with the water!"

Some days are clearly gonna be hands on from the very start. As a lazy person I prefer as little of that as possible but, with little kids that's just a pipe dream. For instance, it took me 30 minutes to write the last two lines because I had to get up every 10 seconds and chase a screaming and laughing Perrin through the house. I now have a sore throat and I think I can skip my workout for today.

Hands on doesn't just mean physical work but some mental function, as well. I have to be able to go from one kid to another without even moving to prevent house fires or fist fights. An example: "Rowan, stop jumping on the couch - Lydia, kick him again and you're done for the day, Raina - grab your brother before he dives past me into the oven, Perrin - STOP SCREAMING, Rowan - stop jumping on the damn couch!..." This all while trying to do the dishes, make a bottle, fit in a bathroom break, change a diaper - or three, and possibly make dinner.

Yesterday was no exception. In fact, it was one of the crazier ones. The morning was spent out getting groceries. Usually I plan grocery shopping as the only event of a day because it leaves me with absolutely NO sense of humor. In the afternoon, I gave some kids baths and one a haircut. Both are One Event Day events. Baths always end in screaming and water everywhere. Lydia was upset when I washed her hair because I poked her eyes with the water. I was sternly warned to never do that again. I promised I wouldn't. The rest was chaos, of course and by bed time I think the kids were relieved because they got to get away from me. They all stayed in bed.

Today will be no exception but I do have one advantage: I don't have to go grocery shopping or give baths.


  1. I'm impressed! You manage to get bathroom breaks?

  2. Yes, baths and grocery shopping are definitely One Day Events. That explains why I never go out....

  3. Haha, I like your line that grocery shopping leaves you with no sense of humor, I feel the exact same way!